Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE's combines a slim factory assembled case worn atop the ear with a separate mold fitted in the ear. BTEs are generally recommended for severe to profound hearing loss.

Full Shell in the Ear (ITE)

ITE is the largest custom style and features a wide choice of options. We recommend full shell ITEs for people with severe hearing loss who prefer an in-the-ear product.

In the Canal (ITC)

ITC is smaller and is fitted into the opening of the ear canal. The ITC is not suitable for certain losses, canal shapes, or if manipulation of small features and batteries is difficult.

Completely in the Canal (ITC)

CIC instruments are recessed into the canal. CICs are barely visible and deep fit CICs are 100 percent concealed within the ear canal. CICs are not suitable for certain losses, ear canal shapes or medical conditions of the ear.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)

RIC instruments consist of a virtually unseen behind-the-ear processor connected by a thin wire to a small receiver hidden in the ear canal.

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