What are the best hearing aids? Everybody’s ears perceive sound very differently. A successful fitting is achieved by selecting an instrument that provides maximum performance in all listening environments and within the parameters of your hearing impairment. As your consultant, we will determine which hearing instrument will perform best for the way your ears encode sounds. The encoding analysis will be completed during your hearing exam. Our testing will establish the slightest sound levels that you can hear (threshold levels), your most comfortable listening levels and the loudest sounds you can tolerate without experiencing discomfort. Once we have the test results, we will select the hearing instrument that will reproduce sounds in the same manner your ears perceive them. Ultimately, the hearing aids that parallel the way your ears process sounds are the best hearing aids for you. 

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General Hearing Carries SIEMENS Hearing Instruments

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General Hearing Carries REXTON Hearing Instruments
General Hearing Carries Audina Hearing Instruments
General Hearing Carries Oticon Hearing Instruments

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