General Hearing is a full-service testing and hearing aid practice that has been serving the Greater Watertown since 2008. When you visit us, you will recieve up-to-date and in-depth information regarding hearing loss, hearing aids and the science of sound. We will help you understand what it will take to resolve your hearing problem and why General Hearing is the right choice.


Watertown CT Hearing Test, Waterbury Hearing Test

Testing is done on site or in your home. We at General Hearing have high quality equipment that is constantly calibrated and updated. Test results are explained so everyone understands. No need to worry here. 15 Years of experience will show as soon as we begin to communicate with one another on your unique needs.

Watertown CT Hearing Aids, Waterbury Hearing Aids

We work with three manufacturers. Audina from Florida, Rexton from Minnesota and Siemens from Germany. The American factories have a long history of hearing aid production and Siemens began making hearing aids in 1913. We have aids that fit all lifestyles from economical to sophisticated and simple to ultra modern.

Watertown CT Hearing Aid Repair, Waterbury Hearing Aid Repair

Testing is All repairs are done on premises. No matter the make, model, year, or condition. The equipment we use is modern, calibrated, and used by experienced staff. We have the parts currently in our office and that means a quick turn-a-round for the customer.

Watertown CT Hearing Aid Cleaning, Waterbury Hearing Aid Cleaning

Sometimes its just a simple cleaning thats needed or moisture that accumulates. Again, we have the most modern and high quality machinery to get the job done with satisfying results. Our cleaning service can be done onsite as well.

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