Please find several recent testimonials of customers sharing their experience at General Hearing. Although these are only a few of the testimonials, satisfied clients and continued care is the primary goal of General Hearing and why we continue to grow. 

Barbara D.

I would like to thank Dennis of General Hearing for the amazing turnaround in my world of hearing. I was in denial until my sisters wedding when I could barely hear the Father of our church. I am 39 and did not want hearing aids everyone could stare at. The professionals at General Hearing surprised me with discreet and incredible sounding aids that allows me to hear people clearly.

Douglas L.

To whom it may concern: I have known General Hearing for 8 years. Dennis is the first person who helped me when I responded to their ad. After a thorough test he explained the results and administered a set of hearing aids that work wonders. Helpful and knowledgeable is a good way to describe General Hearing.

Sherry L.

The only thing I can tell you is that everyone complains about their hearing aids except me. I never have a problem, Dennis is always available for anything. He is patient, intelligent, and listens to me. I have referred General Hearing to the ones who are having problems with their aids and the ones who took my advice are no longer complaining.

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